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Need a little help with your scrapbook layouts? Looking for more inspiration or a premade design? New to scrapbooking? Or want to make a special card and need a quick design? Well, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to Scrapbook Sketches by Scrapiopath. Here you will find scrapbook layout and card sketches designed to get your creativity flowing. If you have scrapper's block or just need a little inspiration feel free to print out these sketches for your personal use. Be sure to send me an email with a copy of your layout or card and I will publish it here on the blog.

My name is Jessica Cowan aka Scrapiopath and I started designing sketches about 9 months ago for the ladies at the Scraps-n-Such community. Then I created this blog to share these creative sketches with you. I hope you find some great inspiration with these sketches and examples. Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moments of Organization

If your like me, you are probably pretty busy most of the time. So when it comes time to scrap you aren't always necessarily in the mood. Instead of sitting there staring at your scrap table, look around and see if there is anything you could organize in less than 30 mins. Don't think you have anything like that? Well then you must be using up all of your scrap supplies as you buy them! Because I find that my table has bits and pieces from my many different projects that somehow worked their way into a drawer or cube or basket. Or that dreaded junk drawer that you are dreading but could use the space. Come on it's not that hard. Just take the drawer out and start taking things out of it one at a time. Start making some piles of like items, separating and sorting until you reach the bottom. Now this should take no more than 10 mins to separate, if it does you may need more help than I am offering here. If it takes you more than 30 mins to reach the bottom of the one drawer please seek out a professional organizer as quickly as possible. After everything is in little piles, start with the common items that already have a place elsewhere and put it back where it belongs. Then your piles should be smaller. Sort, separate, file and throw away until the other piles are gone. Then sit back and see what you got accomplished in 30 mins or less.

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