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Need a little help with your scrapbook layouts? Looking for more inspiration or a premade design? New to scrapbooking? Or want to make a special card and need a quick design? Well, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to Scrapbook Sketches by Scrapiopath. Here you will find scrapbook layout and card sketches designed to get your creativity flowing. If you have scrapper's block or just need a little inspiration feel free to print out these sketches for your personal use. Be sure to send me an email with a copy of your layout or card and I will publish it here on the blog.

My name is Jessica Cowan aka Scrapiopath and I started designing sketches about 9 months ago for the ladies at the Scraps-n-Such community. Then I created this blog to share these creative sketches with you. I hope you find some great inspiration with these sketches and examples. Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scrappin Time

Well this weekend I really feel like I accomplished something, even though I'm not finished with the project. I am still working on the graduation album for my cousin. I decided to make it a 10 page book but each set of 2 pages is stitched together to make a pocket for extra memorabilia. I used my sewing machine to create the holes and then used a large eyed sewing needle to stitch the floss, sort of like needlepoint. Unfortunately my sewing skills are really rusty and I couldn't get the paper to stay straight or the holes to be far enough apart. So I did it the old fashion way and just spun the hand dial on the sewing machine that makes the needle move up and down while keeping the paper straight! Pain staking but worth it! hopefully I will be finished with this one soon!! i still need to work on my circle journal and I am thinking about making another album for my other cousin that is graduating the same day!! Man am I going to be busy!!

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