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My name is Jessica Cowan aka Scrapiopath and I started designing sketches about 9 months ago for the ladies at the Scraps-n-Such community. Then I created this blog to share these creative sketches with you. I hope you find some great inspiration with these sketches and examples. Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Luke's Company Picnic

We arrived at the picnic at 12:30 pm for sign-in and got right in line to eat lunch. It wasn't too long of a line considering there were alot more ppl there than the last year we went. After we ate a wonderful lunch of bbq brisket, sausage, beans, potato salad, and fresh fruit, we went to play a softball game that Luke had organized.

Before I tell you about the baseball game I need to tell you about the service at this ranch. I already told you about the lunch line, so I'll start as you walk into the dining area. Holding your plate as you walk in to a large dining hall littered with tables and people moving about, your eyes take a minute to adjust from the brightness of the outside to the calm shade of the hall. As we walked in Luke spotted one of his friends at a table by himself, turned out his wife didn't make it, so we sat with him to eat our lunch. Luke was antsy to get outside and play softball.

Looking around the hall you see all the tables but in the middle of the main aisle there are 2 pingpong tables, further behind the tables there is a DJ stand with a DJ, and next to us was the bar and drink station. All the beer was free although I was drinking sweet tea. I did take advantage of the free snowcones, I think I had 3, 2 cherries and a grape. They tasted so good on that warm day. Although the sun was shining we did get some cloud cover during the softball game. The also had a rock climbing wall, a moon jump, face painting, water balloon toss, which we missed cause we were playing softball, a tug of rope contest, a sack race and a bingo contest! (Almost made up for the one I missed at ScrapAttack!)

Now for the greatest service ever! The moon walk was on the baseball field, so the manager set us up another one a little further down the road, this is a 37-acre farm by the way. He set up a fence to block the ball from going into the bleachers he had set up, he provided us with, a canopy cover to cover the bleachers, a cooler of water with a tray of cups, and the bases, bats, and balls for the softball game. And to top it off, he drove us all over in the golf cart, he didn't stop until everyone that wanted to go was taken over! He also took us back when the game was over, talk about service!! I was impressed!

The softball game was also interesting, there were both adults and children playing on the two teams. I was cheering from the bleachers and taking pictures. It seemed that during one of my picture taking moments, my loving husband was falling to the ground because he got pelted in the head with the softball! As I turned around to see what everyone else was staring at, I saw my poor hubby doubled over on the ground holding his head. He looked pretty disoriented for a minute or two but he stood right back up and continued to pitch. The game ended after 6 innings with a score of 15-13.

Of course as soon as I could after the game I got an ice pack on the bump. So we sat and played bingo while he held his ice pack on his head. After that we drove home to find we were going to have company. His dad and my uncle. They were working out of town and passing by so they stopped in for a little while. Luckily Luke's dad used to be an EMT so I had him check Luke for a concussion. No concussion but he did have a pretty bad headache. So all in all is was a great day and we both had fun.

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