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My name is Jessica Cowan aka Scrapiopath and I started designing sketches about 9 months ago for the ladies at the Scraps-n-Such community. Then I created this blog to share these creative sketches with you. I hope you find some great inspiration with these sketches and examples. Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Beloved Mea Mea

When I first married into this family, MeaMea immediately took me in as one of her own grandchildren. She was such a wonderful lady. She would listen to you when you needed someone to talk too. She would assure you that everything would turn out for the best and most of all she would hug you and you knew then that everything really would be alright. She is going to be dearly missed by each and every one of us. But she wasn't your typical grandma, she would tell you like it was!
God took her home last Tuesday November 25, 2008. About 3 weeks before that she had broken her arm and had a minor stroke. She also had COPD, which made it very hard for her body to heal and when she was in the hospital the tube they put down her throat had messed up her vocal cords so she wasn't able to talk. But you could tell by her eyes that she was still very aware of everything. It's really hard knowing that her mind was so sharp and her body just couldn't keep up with her. She knew we all loved her and we all knew that she loved us. But it still doesn't change the fact that she is gone from this Earth now and we will have to wait to see her again. But I know one day we will.

MeaMea you have touched my heart and will always be in it. It has been hard to lose you since you were my last grandma, even though technically you were Luke's grandma, you always treated me like your grandchild. I guess after 14 years of being in this family, I did earn the right to call you grandma, even though most of the time we called you MeaMea. But I know you are no longer in any pain and you really are in a better place. We will love you always. I also loved the fact that I was included as one of the step-grandchildren in your obituary. That touched me so deeply cause I know you always felt like I was one of yours.

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Alecia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Jess, {{HUGS}} to you my friend!!

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